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Counselling and Psychotherapy can be described as an investment in the self.

Counselling and Psychotherapy is sometimes called the 'talking cure'. You are given a regular space where you can talk and be listened to. The Counsellor's job is to listen, try to understand and reflect back to you what seems to be happening from an objective a standpoint as possible.

The Counsellor is on your side but not there to give advice, provide answers, guidance or direction.

Counselling and Psychotherapy enables you to make better choices, gain confidence and help you to understand your own actions and why you make them. It offers insight, self-awareness, self-development and growth and the opportunity to change existing behaviour patterns that you find limiting.

How Does Counselling and Psychotherapy work?

You and the therapist explore your life together. What is happening and how you would like your life to be with direction and purpose. We look at past events and patterns that can have an impact on what is happening now. The journey is one of self-discovery where exploration of how more productive behaviour patterns may change life in the present. People often enter Counselling and Psychotherapy when they feel that their life is unhappy and there seems no way forward. Sometimes talking to someone who is listening in a neutral and non-judgmental way with issues that concern them can be sufficient to make the life changes required.

At other times, longer and deeper work is required in understanding how the ingrained patterns of behaviour have generated the present problems. The nature of your reasons for entering therapy are discussed in the initial session and a contract is agreed as to the likely duration of therapy - although this may change once you begin.

Counselling and Psychotherapy requires commitment for both client and counsellor. The client's commitment is to arrive on time and to respect the space that is theirs alone. The counsellor's commitment is to be available at the appointment time.

See the 'About Counselling' page.

Do you tell anyone else what is said During the Sessions?

Anything you say remains strictly confidential, unless you were a danger to yourself or someone else, in which case I would need to inform your Doctor or other authority - but with your permission.

How Do Appointments Work?

In the initial appointment, we agree regular consultations on the same day and at same time. This regularity is very important as it provides a safe environment for you to work in. Many clients view the time with their counsellor as a haven for themselves when they are living a stressful life. Occasionally, either the client or counsellor will need to make minor changes to the time and day. For example, in times of sickness or holidays. These matters are discussed during the initial consultation.

Keeping Appointments

It is important to try to be on time for appointments and not to waste the session but not to arrive too early as the counsellor may have a previous appointment.

What if I Need to Cancel an Appointment?

Unless agreed beforehand, all cancellations are fully chargeable, as your time cannot be used for anyone else. However, in cases of unexpected sickness or an emergency, I will endeavour to rearrange the appointment, but this cannot be guaranteed.

What Are the Counsellor's Qualifications?

I am a Voluntary Accredited Counsellor & Psychotherapist with the British Association for Counselling (BACP)and UKCP registered. My work has involved working in the NHS for many years in Dorset and Hampshire. I work for Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) and have a private client base. See under 'Qualifications' for specific qualifications.

Questions relating to training and experience are welcomed at the initial consultation.

What Are the Fees?

Fees are discussed during the initial consultation (see the 'Contact Me' page).
How Do I make an Appointment?

You can make an appointment by contacting Jenny Hope-Spencer on: 07990078177.


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